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Welcome to the information center. Here you can find all the details you'll need to know about everything from the district calendar to a variety of forms you may need throughout the school year.

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Data Privacy

The Trumbull Public Schools through the Digital Learning department supports teachers, staff, and students in their use of educational technology resources that are designed to support the district curriculum. As curriculum is revised, curriculum committees will help identify digital learning tools that will be integrated into the curriculum guides.  As new digital tools are identified by curriculum committees, departments, or individual teachers they will need to go through a process which will ensure that the requested tool is aligned to our curriculum goals, has proper funding, complies with student data privacy laws, and is implemented equitably throughout the district.  

  • Prior to using any digital learning resource check the list of approved tools.
  • If the tool you wish to use is listed, you are free to use it. Please pay careful attention to the restrictions column so you are aware of any restrictions or parameters.

  • If  you wish to use a tool that is not listed, please contact your technology integrator to submit your request to be reviewed by the teaching and learning department.  Your request will then be reviewed for curriculum alignment, funding, alignment to district policies, and compliance with CT data privacy laws.  Please advise that this process can take 2-4 weeks for approvals.

  • You will receive email updates as your inquiry is reviewed and the status is determined.  

  • If your request is approved the Director of Digital Learning will submit a work order to the IT Department in order for your software to be configured/installed/accessed. 

Please reach out with any questions to Christina Hefele - Director of Digital Learning